Month: February 2018

Jewelled Beauty Quilt

Photo Portfolio Jewelled Beauty Quilt This beautiful quilt has amazing jeweled colors and was such a pleasure to quilt. I used a flower and swirl design and it made the quilt look very elegant. I am only sorry that I did not take any more pictures of this beautiful quilt. Do You Love This Quilt? […]

Green, Gold And Pink Quilt

Photo Portfolio Green, Gold And Pink This quilt top was made by a friend of mine who has since passed away and I had the privilege of finishing off this beauty. As you can see it is large quilt with a lot of blank space to quilt. Therefore, I decided that I could have some […]

Green & Purple Satin Quilt

Photo Portfolio Green And Purple Satin Quilt This quilt is made with a satin and taffeta fabric and is gorgeous. I decided to do an edge to edge on this quilt.  I used a swirl, flower and leaf design to highlight the gorgeous fabric and design of this quilt. Do You Love This Quilt? Share […]

Gone Fishing Quilt

Photo Portfolio Gone Fishing Quilt This quilt has a center panel with borders. I did not want to take away from the design of the panel so I decided that the best quilting design for the center would be a simple stipple, but on the border I decided to dress it up a bit and […]

Froggie Rail Fence Quilt

Photo Portfolio Froggie Rail Fence Quilt Oh my goodness, I had such fun quilting this cute kid quilt. I used a loopy design to tie together all of the little butterflies, bugs and frogs that I used on this quilt. It really was a fun quilt to quilt. I love this quilt! Do You Love […]

Log Cabin Skiing Quilt

Photo Portfolio Log Cabin Skiing Quilt This amazing quilt with downhill skiers having a lot of fun was a lovely quilt to quilt. I decided to do a simple stipple as an edge to edge design on this amazing quilt as I did not want to detract from the amazing design and fabrics of this […]

Doggie Quilt

Photo Portfolio Doggie Quilt I love this quilt, the doggie fabric is so cute and there were a few hearts scattered around so I decided to do a swirl and heart design all over this beautiful quilt. I thought it was a good pattern for this beautiful quilt. Do You Love This Quilt? Share It […]

Log Cabin Christmas Quilt

Photo Portfolio Log Cabin Christmas Quilt This beautiful Log Cabin quilt is made from making a very large log cabin block and then cutting it in 4 to make smaller blocks, what a great idea!! Even though it has busy fabric I decided to quilt it with some of the designs that I saw in […]

Blocks and Stripes Quilt

Photo Portfolio Blocks and Stripes Quilt This lovely little quilt was constructed with large blue blocks and a simple stripe block. It is a lovely simple design and so I decided to dress it up a bit with some leaves and swirls to spice it up a bit. It was a great choice for this […]