Month: March 2018

Patchwork Rabbit Quilt

Photo Portfolio Patchwork Rabbit Quilt This lovely quilt was so busy with all of the different colors, shapes, and sizes and even different kinds of fabrics. Therefore, when I receive a quilt like this one I always try to encourage my clients to choose a simple quilting design as you don’t want to take away […]

Patchwork Delight Quilt

Photo Portfolio Patchwork Delight Quilt This predominantly green quilt is such a lovely wholesome quilt, I regret not having more photos of it to display its beauty, I chose a simple stipple to quilt it with so as not to distract from the great piecing in the front. I love this quilt Do You Love […]

Old Fashioned Delight Quilt

Photo Portfolio Old Fashioned Delight Quilt This quilt had lovely fabric in it from a by gone era, therefore I had to call it, Old Fashioned delight, I love how it looks like the old windmills that we see scattered on the Prairies, on long abandoned strips of land. This quilt was quilted with a […]

Nine Patch Jewel Quilt

Photo Portfolio Nine Patch Jewel Quilt Ahh, what a beautiful quilt, it is rich in color and tone, I love it. I chose to quilt this quilt with a edge to edge design of leaves, flowers, swirls and some abstract swirls as well. The patterns on the fabric lent itself to having various flowers and […]

My Hearts Delight Quilt

Photo Portfolio My Hearts Delight Quilt When I first saw this beautiful quilt I not only loved the pattern, but I loved the fabric that was used in in its construction. I decided that it was quite girlie, so I could use some swirls and of course some hearts, flowers and leaves, I think that […]

Mint Green Quilt

Photo Portfolio Mint Green Quilt Oh my goodness, I love the colors in this quilt! When I saw this quilt and saw the flowers I decided to that I could quilt some flowers, leaves, swirls, and even some feather flowers. This design was perfect for this beautiful quilt. Do You Love This Quilt? Share It […]