Month: May 2018

Hearts and Swirls Quilt

Photo Portfolio Hearts and Swirls Quilt This beautiful yellow flannelette quilt was a wonderful practice piece I used to work out some designs that I was playing with. Practice Makes Perfect!! Do You Love This Quilt? Share It With Your Friends!

Woodland Wonder Quilt

Photo Portfolio Woodland Wonder Quilt This beautiful flannelette quilt was custom quilted for a client. I outlined all the animals in the quilt so they can be seen on both sides of the quilt, and I also did grid work to emphasis the top and bottom corners! Do You Love This Quilt? Share It With […]

Wolf in the Wild Quilt

Photo Portfolio Wolf in the Wild Quilt This quilt is made of a panel of a wolf and then some beautiful outer borders. The fabric that my client used was all flannelette, and gorgeously soft and luxurious. It was fun to quilt this beautiful double quilt. Do You Love This Quilt? Share It With Your […]

Window to Winter Quilt

Photo Portfolio Window to Winter Quilt This beautiful blue and white quilt was done in 3 inch strips and it has the effect of looking into a winter woodland scene, I love this look and look forward to making one myself. Do You Love This Quilt? Share It With Your Friends!

Two Inch Beauty Quilt

Photo Portfolio Two Inch Beauty Quilt This beautiful quilt has hundreds of 2 inch blocks. It has been stripped pieced and the quilter who made this quilt was an amazing quilter, because if you look closely every seam lines up perfectly, I was so impressed. Do You Love This Quilt? Share It With Your Friends!

Tiles Quilt

Photo Portfolio Tiles Quilt I love this quilt, I love the colors, I love the black sashing that was used to emphasise those colors. I love how vibrant it is and my client requested an all over design that made the piecing stand out even more. I chose a simple swirl pattern as it made […]

Sampler Quilt B

Photo Portfolio Sampler Quilt B This great sampler quilt was a good quilt to practice various quilting designs. As you can see from the back there are a number of different designs that accentuate the lovely quilt top. Do You Love This Quilt? Share It With Your Friends!

Sampler Quilt A

Photo Portfolio Sampler Quilt A I love it when a client tells me that I can do some custom quilting on their quilt! As you can see on this one, I have put in some feathers, grid work, outlining of applique and shadowing around it, and lots of ruler work emphasizing the various blocks. It […]

Retro Blocks Quilt

Photo Portfolio Retro Blocks Quilt This beautiful was made for my clients great granddaughter and had such fabulous retro fabric in it. My Client wanted an all over design over this quilt and so I decided that a few feathered flowers and swirls would fit this quilt perfectly. She loved it and so did her […]

Retro Quilt B

Photo Portfolio Retro Quilt B This lovely quilt reminded me of a 1970 design, the fabrics had oranges and peach and a multitude of other colors that made it lovely. My client wanted a simple swirl design on this quilt and I was happy to do it. Do You Love This Quilt? Share It With […]