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Tanzania Orphanage

About 10 years ago, I was approached by a lady from my church who wanted 60 quilts for an orphanage in Tanzania in Eastern Africa.  I excitedly agreed to do this project and then I realized what I had signed up for. I gathered about 20 women over the length of this project to help with the assembly of the quilt tops.

It is because of this project that I bought my first Mid arm quilting machine and frame. I knew that I needed to have a consistent product at the end and the way to ensure that was to have them all quilted on my machine.

I have a soft spot for kids in need and can never say no to children so it was an easy decision to take on this project. I learnt a lot about managing a project, timelines, managing people, preparing kits for my quilters and delegating. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work on this project.

At the end of the project we had a wrap up party to say thank you to everyone for participating and one of the guests told us that in Tanzania a mother would give her child a blanket for comfort and warmth. It warmed my heart that we as mothers could bring some warmth and comfort to these precious children that are all alone in the world.

I am forever grateful that we got to share the Love of God with these beautiful kids.

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