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Quilting Videos and tutorials

Below is a list of our currently posted videos, please enjoy!
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Tip 1: Rotary Cutter Maintenance
Tip 2: Scissors
Tip 2: Scissors Supplementary
Tip 3: Cutting Mats
Tip 4: Heat Near Cutting Mats
Tip 5: Qulting Pins

Tip 6: Split Pins
Tip 7: Quilter Safety Pins
Tip 8: Magnetic Pin Cushions
Tip 9: Quick Quarter Ruler
Tip 10: Seam Rippers
Tip 11: Fabric Weights

Tip 12: Ironing
Tip 13: Breaking Thread
Tip 14: Bargain Thread
Tip 15: Old Vs. New Thread
Tip 16: Old Thread
Tip 17: Thread Storage

Tip 18: On The Couch Part 1
Tip 19: On The Couch Part 2
Tip 20: On The Couch Part 3
Tip 21: On The Couch Part 4
Tip 22: Quilting Notebook
Tip 23: Quilting With Kids

Tip 24: Sewing Machines
Tip 25: Cleaning & Oiling
Tip 26: Battery Backup
Tip 27: Machine Servicing
Tip 28: Keeping Tension
Tip 29: Stitch Width

Tip 30: Bobbins
Tip 31: Sewing Feet
Tip 32: Fabric Requirements
Tip 33: Measuring The Bed
Tip 34: Washing Your Fabric
Tip 35: Setting Your Fabric
Tip 36: Ironing Your Fabric

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